F R E D   P E L Z E R

Writer: Madison, Billy, Wes, Jane, Glory, Red, Finn, Lucy, Sadie, Ana, Tina, Elise, Alice, Leon, Marc, Oscar, Nate, Adele

Co-Writer (with Tristan Johnson): David, Lester

Director: Madison, Wes, Jane, Red, Finn, Lucy, Interlude I, Elise, Adele

Director of Photography: Jonah, David

Editor: Madison, Jonah, Billy, Wes, David, Jane, Glory, Red, Finn, Lucy, Lester, Interlude I, Sadie, Interlude II, Ana, Tina, Elise, Macy, Luke, Alice, Leon, Marc, Zoe, Oscar, Nate, Adele

Actor (Nate): Jonah, Jane, Finn, Interlude II, Nate

Fred originally pitched Losers to Cloud Gate Productions as an 8 episode webseries. The show quickly spun out to 25 episodes, with Fred writing or co-writing 20 of those scripts. A founding member of Cloud Gate Productions, Fred is also a published author.